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Mike McCarthy Bio


Mike is the founder of Mike McCarthy Consulting voice over, media buying, marketing, creative, crisis communications, image and brand building 

Mike specializes in training and coaching corporate and non-profit executives on media management. Produced numerous audio and video products, co-authored book “And the Incorrect Answer is…No Comment.” Current seminar: “Managing the Media in Time of Crisis.”

  • 30-year career as top-rated morning radio personality and voice over talent
  • TV talk show host in Tulsa and Birmingham
  • Radio Operations, News, and Program Director.
  • Emcee of over 1000 events 

Mike’s interests include golf, sports in general, rose gardening, reading, and politics

Mike with cousin Brian Buru

Mike at KAKC 1975

Aircheck and Demo Downloads

MikeMcCarthy2018VOdemo (mp3)


Mike character voices,mp3 (mp3)


KAKC Groundhogs Day 1976 (mp3)


95 Rock, Birmingham1985 (mp3)


Media Crisis Gurus


Incorporating decades  of crisis management and on-air media skills, the Palmer/McCarthy Group (AKA:   The Media Crisis Gurus) proudly offers the most practical media training   anywhere:

  • Seminars/ Training 
  • Consulting/Coaching Services
  • Books
  • Training CD’s

The Point-Counterpoint  of media relations is offered by a seasoned veteran of thousands of TV and  radio interviews and the more pragmatic, sound-bite world of a big city   Police Chief.

The combination of  perspectives from both sides of the microphone creates a reality based  training experience that is founded on real life applications, not text book  theory.

The Gurus provide the  necessary media skill sets for both the novice and professional media  spokesperson.

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